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Back to school, some ivory lace, and tweedy wool

27 September, 2013

Look at me making commitments on regular posting and already breaking them the second week! I’m actually writing this from my kitchen table in Bucharest. I’m here since the day before yesterday and the last 3 days have been so crazy I couldn’t even stand still and write this post. My brother had his PhD thesis dissertation today, which is also the reason why I came (and also the reason why I am so happy and proud!! <3), but I’ll be back home in Milan tomorrow and production and posting will go back to normal.

The BIG news is that… It happened, readers, it really happened! I’m back to school! You might be remembering my “self taught designer and dressmaker” status which I also mentioned several times everywhere, but at some point I decided that, as cool as it may sound that I learned how to do all that I do BY MYSELF, I want to do MORE. There must be some well kept secrets of clothing construction and pattern drafting that no tutorial and no “genius inspiration” will ever be able to teach me. Which is why I decided that it’s time for me to get formal training on this side, and I enroled in a professional dressmaking course at AFOL MODA in Milan. The school is half public, half private, and the public side belongs to the Province of Milan so this means 2 things, seriousness and affordable cost. The course is divided into 4 modules, it started this Monday and will end next summer. It means that from now on, I will have 2 dedicate 2 days a week to school, “homework” and stuff like this, while still managing my orders, shipping, marketing and all the rest for my online shop. Now THAT’s a challenge!

On another note, I did manage to finish and ship 2 important orders before going to Bucharest, and I’ll be showing you guys the pictures here.

First is an ivory taffeta and lace party dress I made for the girl in Glasgow. I’m happy with how it turned out, especially because I found this amazing ivory lace with a delicate golden shimmer on one side, and Natalie agreed to use this side and have the shimmer on the dress bodice. The sleeves are lace-only, the dress is fully lined and the closure is on the right side (invisible zipper).

The other order I completed was the outfit for Kerry back in the US. I made a pencil skirt and a top, which due to my odd shaped mannequin I had to photograph separately. You’ll see the skirt photographed with another blouse I made a while ago, and I think that they work quite well together. The fabric I used for the outfit is a very fine wool/silk blend, with a bit of stretch to hug the body perfectly.

That’s all for tonight, I’ll come back next week with the baby blue taffeta evening dress I am making for my cousin, which is the next project I have in line for finishing. And of course, more impressions from the dressmaking course!



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