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Elochka spring summer 2014 – The story of a collection

19 April, 2014
Hello dear readers, I’m back to writing! Hope you’re enjoying the Easter holiday as much as I am, so grab a chocolate bunny nad enjoy the story of the making of the Elochka Spring Summer 2014 collection!

The collection was launched on March 31 (see it all in my store here in my shop), so I was quite behind with telling you the story. But now with Easter I finally took a breath, and a break from this crazy caroussel that were the last 2 months, to take the time to write it.

I had worked with my dear model friend Rosa for the photo sessions for my previous collections, but this time I wanted something different: I decided to model the collection myself (crazy things to do before turning 30, lol). That meant that on top of work, I also needed to lose weight to fit into the samples. And color my hair CRAZY RED (which I am going to keep for a long time to come :))
Here’s the lookbook folks!
The photo session took place on March 27 in Monza, in the studio of Cinzia Mele, my wonderful photographer for this collection. Gloria of Beauty Glow took care of my make-up and hair styling and she did a great job. I had 2 different types of make-up and 2 different hairdos, and both Cinzia and Gloria perfectly understood the right vintage mood I wanted for the shooting.
Being a part of EtsyItaliaTeam, the team of Italian sellers on Etsy, the thought of collaborating with a fellow Etsian for the accessories for the photo session came natural, so, after a short search, the partnership with Roberta of Amabito was born, and she sent me the perfect hand blown glass jewelry to compliment my collection.
As I had 3 wedding dresses in the collection, I also had the idea of featuring a bridal bouquet in the shooting, so I worked with a lovely florist shop, Flora Folies Monza, who very generously offered the perfect bouquet… the first bridal bouquet I’ve ever held in my hands!
All in all, the photo session came out beautifully but it would have not been possible without the great team of professionals who contributed to it. And… all this made me want to model the next collection as well 😀 (yep, feels good…)
I had started working on the SS2014 collection soon after launching the Fall 2013 capsule collection last year. From the very beginning, I had very clear ideas in my mind about how it should be, I wanted 10 outfits in fresh shades of mint green, tiffany blue, baby blue, joyful florals, cotton eyelet, light fabrics, laces and chiffons. And I knew for sure I wanted to have 3 wedding dresses in the collection, because, even if the previous collections did not include wedding dresses, I had had the nice surprise to have brides ask me to create custom 50s inspired wedding dresses out of my bridesmaids or prom designs. So this time I said, yes, definitely some wedding dresses as well.
My design process starts from the fabrics, instead of the sketches. Sketches are next in line after the fabrics, because I get my inspiration from all the special fabrics I find in my wanderings in the shops in Milan but also online and during my trips outside of Italy.
Next in line after fabrics and sketches there was the sewing of the samples, which took from early January to the day before the photo session. I had to squeeze the sample sewing in between orders and that meant a lot of mornings with my alarm clock set at 7:00 and sometimes at 6:30, and sewing late into the night. I managed to finish all the samples just a couple of days before the photo session, but in the end they were all there, 10 outfits on 10 hangers waiting to be shown to the World.
I know this was a long post (I should be writing more often, I know that too…) but that’s it for today, I’ll be coming back with the next post talking about every outfit! So stay tuned!

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