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9 March, 2015

The moment has come, folks! I’ve been giving you clues about big changes happening around here for a while now, so it’s time to reveal them! You already know I have been working on my new website and e-shop for the last couple of months, but what you DIDN’T know was that I’M CHANGING EVERYTHING. You have probably been expecting to see some www.elochka.something coming out soon, but that’s exactly what is not going to happen.

So after many weeks of hard work together with some wonderful people who are actually making this happen, I AM launching my new website , e-shop and Spring/Summer 2015 collection on MARCH 16. Only that it’s going to be


Surprised enough? That’s right. I am changing the name of my brand. Elochka becomes Ela Siromascenko. My own name will be my brand name, because to me it’s like personally signing my creations. A bit like big artists signing their work (or so I like to believe). It’s been a tough decision to make, because I’d become so attached to the name Elochka (can you believe that people actually got to the point to write me emails starting with “Dear Elochka,”?). But it was time to grow, to give a more mature and personal signature to my designs. To make them more “mine”. So using my own name just felt right, and here I am. New logo, new visual identity, new website, new blog. I will continue  to sell on Etsy as well, but even that shop is being rebranded. Elochka is still my registered trademark, and who knows, maybe I’ll create a little girls’ line with this name soon. We shall see.

Launching my own website is a huge accomplishment for my business, and I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to see it become a reality. It will be my own space in this huge Internet universe, a place where I will receive my clients and my visitors like I would do in my own little classy boutique in the center of Milan (ok, one is allowed to dream, but wishful thinking is always motivational to get things done!)

The launch will bring several important changes in the way you shop my outfits: more options to choose from, clear and straightforward information on how everything works, easier payments,  and improved shipping. But you will see the details when the time is right. Not to mention that the new collection is TO DIE FOR.

So stay tuned for next Monday, and keep your fingers crossed as we add the finishing touches to the website!



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