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The dutch affair – Completed

18 October, 2013

I was telling you guys 2 days ago that I was working on a very special project for my first Dutch client. Well, the project (dress + petticoat) is completed and the package is on its way to Amsterdam!
The design is based on the one of this dress from my online shop. My client wanted some modifications though, a narrower collar with 2 roses placed “hanging” in the upper side, 3/4 sleeves instead of long, and a longer hem for the skirt part. There was also a request about raising the neckline and placing the roses “hanging” on the dress as well, and I’m quite happy about how this turned out. The dress is basically a shirtwaist with kimono sleeves and 5 buttons as front closure, but the placement of the flowers on the collar and dress body was a true challenge.
I’m quite in an “emergency mode” right now because I’m just a week away from my trip to Bucharest (yay genious brother getting his PhD!!) and I still have a lot of work to be done before my departure:
– the ivory party dress for the girl in Glasgow
– the 2 piece outfit for the American lady
– a light blue taffeta evening gown for my cousin
– a turquoise chiffon blazer for my mom, to be worn with the evening gown I made for her in July

Back to work now, I leave you with the pics of the Dutch dress!



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